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Business Brilliance Awards 2021 - Brilliance Award Winner - Brand Brilliance (Large Business)
Business Brilliance Awards 2021 - Gold Award Winner - UK Business of the Year
Dental Industry Awards 2021 - Highly Commended - Best Dental Corporate Group
Dental Industry Awards 2021 - Highly Commended - Outstanding Business of the Year
Growing Business Awards 2020 – Finalist for ‘Growing Business of the Year: Mid-sized Company (Turnover £45m-£60m)
FSB Awards 2020 – ‘High Growth Business of the Year’
UK Business awards 2020 – ‘Disruptive Business Model’
Dental Industry Awards 2019 Finalist
LaingBuisson Awards 2018 – ‘High Growth Business’
SME Awards 2018 – Finalist for ‘Best Enterprising Business’ & ‘Business Innovation'
Dental Industry Awards 2018 - Finalist for ‘Product Launch of the Year’
Dental Industry Awards 2017 - Highly commend as ‘Innovation of the Year’

Buy in, don't sell out

Enjoy the support that comes from being part of a national group of dentists, whilst retaining your clinical independence and preserving what makes your practice unique.

Buy-in, don’t sell out. Our principals retain equity as partners in the group, so share in the wealth as the group grows.

Dentex provides the time, support and finance so you can get what you want from dentistry.

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Our difference

Private dentistry is booming, but an increasing regulatory environment makes growth complex and is taking time away from dentists who wish to focus on clinical dentistry.

Traditionally, dental corporate models have been focused on acquiring dental practices and managing their expenses. Dentex is different – our focus is creating a partnership of dentists who can work together and learn from each other, free to control and develop the clinical aspects of their own practice.

Our dentists retain equity as shareholders in Dentex, so have a mutual interest to see the group grow and thrive.

We’re not looking for people who want to get out of dentistry. We want people who see their future in dentistry, are engaged and wish to evolve their role as part of a broader partnership. By Dentex taking away the administrative burden, our dentists continue to involve themselves in the parts of the practice they enjoy.

Become a part of our story and we will help write yours.

Good for you

Good for you

Good for you

Whether it’s expanding your portfolio of practices, relinquishing the burden of day-to-day management, developing skills or spending more time with patients; we tailor our involvement so our dentists can focus on the parts of dentistry they enjoy while we support them in those they don’t. Dentex is a true partnership in which we focus on your independence but share in the clinical, financial and operational demands to the benefit of the whole group.

Good for your team

Good for your team

Good for your team

For your practice team, becoming a Dentex partner brings great benefits. As part of a larger group, there is more opportunity to develop skills, pursue their careers in-house as well as tapping into a wider group of colleagues with mixed skillsets and knowledge to share.

Good for your patients

Good for your patients

Good for your patients

With a collegiate group approach to ethical dentistry, together we can enhance the patient experience with a view to offering them access to new treatments, better equipment and improved skills and knowledge of the whole team. With Dentex taking care of the time-consuming administration, you are now more focused on clinical care than ever before.

Good for growth

Good for growth

Good for growth

Along with exceptional wealth creation opportunities, we offer substantial benefits so you can enjoy the dentistry you always wanted – without a lot of the burden. With our support, you can enhance the profitability of your business.


  • Mervyn Druian Explains why he joined Dentex and what the impact has been on his team
    Mervyn Druian, Principal at The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

    Explains why he joined Dentex and what the impact has been on his team

  • Stuart Bowen-Davies Explains the Dentex partnership and how the model works
    Stuart Bowen-Davies, Dentex partner

    Explains the Dentex partnership and how the model works

  • Barry Lanesman Gives the background on Dentex, what has led to its rapid growth and why dentists should consider joining
    Barry Lanesman, CEO at Dentex

    Gives the background on Dentex, what has led to its rapid growth and why dentists should consider joining

  • Rahul and Bhavna Doshi
    Rahul and Bhavna Doshi, Perfect Smile Studios

    I had always wanted to grow my own group of practises and focus more on the managing and mentoring teams – Dentex has given us the support to do something that ...

  • Noushin Attari & Mahmoud Pourghadiri
    Noushin Attari, Weymouth Street Paediatric Dentistry Mahmoud Pourghadiri, Elite Orthodontics

    Having worked hard to grow our practices over 17 years, with a unique offering of specialist paediatric dentistry and orthodontics – which are disciplines that complement each other - we were looking ...

  • Mervyn Druian
    Mervyn Druian, The London Centre For Cosmetic Dentistry

    I had a dental partner for over 30 years. We did not have to have any exit strategy or transition. Everything was going brilliantly well until my partner got ill. The ...

  • Mitesh Badiani
    Mitesh Badiani, Smile Excellence

    If you dream of taking the entrepreneur’s path, you face numerous challenges in dentistry. It’s not so much that the profession is particularly hostile to entrepreneurialism – more that, ...

  • Manie Opperman
    Manie Opperman, Hockerill Dental

    I was looking for a long-term plan to wind down over the coming years and eventually give up practising – and Dentex ticked all the boxes. Not only does the team ...

  • Tom Olivelle
    Tom Olivelle, Budleigh Salterton Dental Practice and Implant Centre

    With all the legislation we have to implement into our practice, due to the CQC, we reached a point where we didn’t have the manpower to properly manage the ...

  • Tidu Mankoo
    Tidu Mankoo, Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry

    When I was approached by Dentex, I had been considering my succession plan. As I learnt more about their model and how it allowed me to work alongside other dentists, ...

  • Mark Hughes
    Mark Hughes

    Patient-centred dentistry has always been a passion of mine. Having developed my own group of practices, as well as worked with and sold to large dental corporates, Dentex was the ...

  • Stephen Tarr
    Stephen Tarr, Marlborough Dental Studio

    In the past, I’ve received offers from other corporates but was always worried about the impact on personal attention to my staff and patients. We are an exclusive private ...

  • Ian Castledine
    Ian Castledine, Associate at The Gallery Dental Centre of Excellence

    The partnership has already revitalised the business with a new eye and fresh perspective thanks to the input from Dentex’s experienced practitioners. They not only offer support and ideas ...

  • Debbie Hutchinson
    Debbie Hutchinson, Business Development Manager at Smile Excellence

    As part of the Dentex group, my role working alongside Mitesh Badiani as business manager has quickly evolved. Overseeing several practices in the South West, my job is now much ...

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  • Starting with the End in Mind

    Andrew Moore explains why bringing Advance Dental Clinic into the Dentex family has allowed him to set an endpoint and refocus on his clinical work. Since its opening in 2003, Advance Dental Clinic has grown to become one of the most successful practices in the UK. The practice has a host of awards to its name, established growth and an excellent reputation. In 2020, I’d reached the point where I knew I needed to create some sort of continuity to keep the practice going without me being here. While that consideration ...

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  • Farsley Dental on joining the Dentex group

    Julian English (from spoke to Jon Swarbrigg and Victoria Crowley, the enthusiastic leaders of Farsley Dental in Yorkshire, about their experience joining the Dentex group. Rarely do I come across such genuine enthusiasm for the people and processes involved in a dental corporate body. Clinical independence and the support of a company that shares their values suggests that this has been a great choice for both parties. Jon Swarbrigg joined in April this year – just a few months ago. What was your motivation for joining Dentex? Jon ...

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  • There and Back Again – qualifying and practising as a hygienist on the back of the pandemic

    Sophie Lokes talks with Dentistry about her journey to qualifying and practising as a hygienist on the back of the pandemic. What’s your background in dentistry?  Sophie Lokes (SL): My journey in dentistry is a little complicated – I joined The Gallery back in 2014 and worked there as a nurse until I left about four years later.  But I didn’t get a new job: I went to train as a hygienist, and I got lucky in that when I graduated, the practice was looking for a ...

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  • How to Ethically and Predictably Increase your Case Acceptances Aims and Learning Objectives  Create a clinical patient journey to enhance value for your patient experience Increase your Case Acceptances for Larger Treatment PlansPromote the style of dentistry you want to doEnhance Your Personal Brand Values to match Your Brand PerceptionSteps towards a proven systematic strategic communication processLearn about the most important communication skills Effectively presenting treatment plans Achieve financial success with proven systematic strategic ethical sales

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  • Why Dentex is the UK’s dental corporate of choice

    It goes without saying that the last 18 months have been completely unforeseeable. When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, it forced all dental practices to close. Many people thought the pandemic would be the demise of dentistry itself – that these massive changes would mean practice values would collapse, and businesses would cease being viable. At Dentex, we didn’t see it that way. In any crisis, what matters is how you manage the moment: after that, things tend to look after themselves. So that’s what we did. We ...

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  • Struggling to refer a patient?

    This article was posted in on 7th July 2021 by Julian English Julian English spoke to Rahul Doshi, clinical strategy development director at Dentex Health, about its new referral programme and what it can offer Dentex practitioners and the wider dental community.One of the biggest challenges dentists face when referring patients is not only finding a specialist locally, but also building a strong professional relationship and trust.Dentex has been working with more than 60 specialists to provide UK dentists a great solution.As it continues its growth ...

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  • 3 Quick Tips to Enable a Smooth Sale

    We asked our Acquisitions Team what are their top tips to enable a smooth sale in dentistry and here's what they've shared with us: Organisation Unfortunately, selling your practice can be an information intensive process. The best way to ensure that you can manage that process is to prepare in advance! Work with your practice manager to ensure that all your documents are organised, registrations and policies are up-to-date, and ready for submission to your lawyers. 2. Financial Information As part of the valuation and sale process, we will have an ...

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  • The Specialists at Dentex | re-watch our Digital Conference

    The 'Specialists at Dentex' is a programme designed to help you get to know our incredible group of specialists; a trusted source for expert advice in Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Implantology and Oral Surgery, Periodontics and Paediatrics. Led by quarterly conferences, our specialists provide a short ‘TED’ style talk. You can watch 8 of our high-calibre specialists below. The programme is supported with resources such as online referral forms, case studies, free CPD hours and an online directory, so you can be confident in your patient's referral. This is a key part of ...

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  • Culture and values prominent throughout the business

    Niamh has joined Dentex Health recently and in just four months the Practice Manager at Dental Solutions is confident to say that Dentex is not like other corporate groups. We’d like to take this opportunity to talk about recruitment at Dentex and Niamh’s experience so far.   By now, we are more or less familiar with the amount of new safety protocols dental practices have put in place due to COVID-19. However, behind the scenes, many other processes were adjusted to keep the practices up and running. ...

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  • Building the first impressions: the importance of your receptionists’ role

    What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a receptionist role? If you answered “taking phone calls”, we’re sorry to say, but you are far from the reality! When not on the phone, front desk staff are greeting and screening patients, managing diaries, logging lab work, taking payments, filling insurance forms, dispensing medication, scanning, organising the post, ordering sundries, making courtesy calls, completing reports about KPI’s, outstanding balances, membership joiners and leavers, and sometimes managing social media channels! Phew! Jodie Mycroft, receptionist at ...

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